What is expected of each UHasselt author?

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All UHasselt authors are expected to upload the author’s version (preferably a post-reviewed preprint) of their peer-reviewed publications from journals and proceedings in the repository of Hasselt University (cf. Document Server@UHasselt). The uploading of other publications is strongly encouraged. For every text uploaded, the University Library will monitor the publisher’s open access policy and will adapt the accessibility of the text in the Document Server to ensure its compliance with that open access policy.

Uploading occurs according to the following steps:


  • The authors’ versions of the publications of UHasselt authors are digitally uploaded with the addition of a basic set of bibliographical data. We recommend executing the upload of the publication concurrent to its official publication by the publisher.
  • Publications that are recorded in the Web of Science will be checked by the University Library once they have been included in the Web of Science, and if necessary uploaded to the Document Server, after which - if necessary - the researcher will be asked for the author’s version.

For your information:

  • The UHasselt author will receive an email confirming the successful inclusion of her/his work in the repository. Should there be any missing details, the University Library will contact the UHasselt author.
  • UHasselt authors are personally responsible for the correctness and completeness of their publications list.
  • The digital upload of publications can also be handled by a colleague.


For every text uploaded, the University Library will monitor each publisher’s open access policy and take into account any remarks with regard to the protection of intellectual rights and any agreements, whether concluded within the institution or with third parties, with regard to the public communication of the research results.
The University Library will adapt the accessibility of the text in the Document Server to ensure its compliance with the open access policy and remarks as referred to above. This will result in three options:

  • open access: the full text is freely available to everyone, including external parties.
  • restricted access: although an embargo has been imposed on the full text it can nevertheless be consulted by UHasselt staff and UHasselt students once they have logged in.
  • closed access: an embargo has been imposed on the full text and it cannot be consulted by anyone; if required, an embargo can even be imposed on the metadata.

For your information:

  • Embargo periods can vary.
  • UHasselt authors are expected to be duly informed of the contract they have concluded with their publisher and whether or not any specific agreements have been made with regard to the dissemination of their text via the internet. If any such regulations apply, or a standard contract was signed (which is generally the case), the University Library will assume that the agreements, as published on Sherpa/Romeo for the relevant publisher, apply. The University Library is responsible for the correct application of this information. UHasselt authors are obliged to notify the University Library of any alternative agreements concluded between themselves and the publisher with regard to the online dissemination of the text that deviate from the agreements applied as a standard and/or of any specific intellectual rights whose protection must be taken into account and/or of any agreements, whether concluded within the institution itself or with third parties, regarding the dissemination of the research results.


Once the text has been uploaded, any adjustments or corrections to publications can be communicated to the University Library, which will bear final responsibility for this. In the event of any discussion arising with regard to publication categories, contact will be sought with the Research Coordination Service, whose service is charged with handling all other disputes.