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seatreservation2.pngOn Monday, September 21 (start academic year) both Campus library Diepenbeek and Law Library Limburg return to their usual opening hours and services. However, there is one important point of attention: due to the Corona measures, the number of seats in the library is limited. To give everyone a fair chance to obtain a study place in the library, we introduced a reservation tool that will be used as long as the Corona measures are in place: Take a seat!

These are the most important 'game rules’:

  • The reservation of a seat in the library is mandatory! Only for a short visit (without a seat) a reservation is not necessary.
  • You have to check in at your arrival and check out at your departure. This can be done either by scanning the QR code of the seat or by entering the corresponding numerical code.
  • In Campus library Diepenbeek, only UH students, UH staff and UH association members can reserve a seat; all other users can only use the library for collection use. 
    In Law Library Limburg, on the other hand, everyone can reserve a seat.
  • You can reserve 'timeslots' of 30min minimum and 3hrs maximum.
  • There is a limit to 5 reservations / timeslots at the same time.
  • Keep in mind that reserving seats can be done with a maximum of one week ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I log in to the reservation tool?

Students and employees from Hasselt University can log in with their UHasselt account (= their student number or staff number + password; NOT with their email address).
All other users can log in with the barcode of their library card as user id and their date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy) as password.

How do I avoid having to enter my login details every time?

The home page of the reservation tool contains the option “remember me”. If you check this option, your login details will be automatically saved.

Can I use the reservation tool if I do not have a smartphone or a QR reader?

Yes. You can also reserve a seat and check in and out with your laptop. If you do not have a QR reader, you have the option to check in by manually entering the corresponding numerical code.
If you don't have a smartphone, tablet or computer at hand? Please contact the library desk to check in and out.

Where can I find an overview of the different locations in Campus library Diepenbeek?

You get an overview of all available library zones here (pdf). 

Will I receive a confirmation of my reservation?

Yes. You will see a confirmation of your booking in the reservation tool. In addition, you will also receive a confirmation by email.

Where can I see an overview of my reservations?

The reservation tool contains a button “My bookings” in which a chronological overview is given of all your reservations.

What if I arrive too early for the seat I booked?

If the seat is still occupied, you will have to be patient. If the seat is not occupied, you can check in max. 15 minutes in advance (on condition that your predecessor has checked out).

What if I arrive too late for the seat I booked?

You can check in up to 15 minutes after the start of your booking. After that, your reservation will expire and other users can reserve the seat.

What if I forget to check in at arrival?

If you do not check in, your reservation will expire after 15 minutes and other users will be able to reserve the seat. However, you will automatically receive an email to draw your attention to this. If appropriate, it is important to immediately rebook the seat and check in afterwards.

What if I forget to check out when I leave?

It is important to check out when you leave, since if you leave earlier, your seat will be bookable for someone else. If you do forget to check out, you will be checked out automatically at the end time.

Can I book two timeslots in a row?

Yes, as long as there is no overlap between the two timeslots and as long as you do not have more than five bookings.

Can I book two seats at the same time, e.g. for a friend?

No. You cannot reserve two seats on one specific timeslot. Also, you cannot reserve a seat for someone else.

Can I always book the same seat? If so, how?

Once you have checked in to your favourite seat, this seat will appear in the menu item “History”. There, you can easily book the same seat again.

What does the button “Feeling lucky” stand for?

If you choose the button “Feeling lucky”, the tool will choose a seat for you (which of course matches your search criteria).

What if I just want to visit the library to use the copier or to use the collection?

Both Campus Library Diepenbeek and Law Library Limburg have several freely accessible computers for a quick search or print job. Making a reservation is not required for this. Reservations are not necessary for a short visit (without a seat). Keep in mind that short visits are limited in number and that queues are possible.

Do I always have to wear a mouth mask in the library?

Yes! Starting Wednesday October 28, it is required to permanently wear a face mask, even if you sit down and study. Previously, wearing a face mask was only mandatory when walking around in the library. With this new strict obligation we not only want to tackle the coronavirus pandemic but we also want to keep our libraries open for as long as possible. 

Are the tables and chairs in the library disinfected?

Due to the high circulation in the library, it is not possible to guarantee that all workplaces are always disinfected. It is therefore the responsibility of every visitor to disinfect his / her own workplace at the start. The library provides sufficient material for this.

Is the library sufficiently ventilated?

Yes. Both Campus Library Diepenbeek and Law Library Limburg have a state of the art ventilation system with a continuous supply of outside air. It is therefore not necessary to open windows.


Do you still have questions? Contact us at or on 011 / 26.81.23 (Campus library Diepenbeek) - 011 / 37.47.12 (Law library Limburg).