Research Data Management

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RDM: what and why?

Research data management (RDM) concerns the management of research data in a sustainable and open way. Research data management is an essential skill for any researcher: it boosts efficiency and ensures data integrity, promotes the reuse of data and increases the researcher's societal impact.

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Guides and tools

How can you add metadata and document your data efficiently? When do you need to encrypt datasets? How do you estimate data storage costs?
Here you will find a number of comprehensive guides and useful tools available to researchers of Hasselt University.

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Training and contact

Hasselt University provides a number of services to support researchers in their day-to-day RDM activities. Tailored advice and data management plan (DMP) review services complement the generic or thematic training sessions for junior and senior researchers.

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RDM at the start of a research project

How do you incorporate RDM practices in your research? What are the data management requirements of research programmes? What are the challenges and pitfalls? Get started with research data management at Hasselt University using a step-by-step guide.

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RDM during a research project

So your research project is up and running? Time to look back, evaluate your RDM approach and update your data management plan! In this section, you will find some important guidelines on following up on your research data management.

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RDM at the end of a research project

How should you manage your data at the end of a research project? How can you store relevant research data in an open, discipline-specific repository and make your data citable? How do you transfer the managerial rights of your research data when leaving Hasselt University?

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