Requesting an ISBN

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The ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a unique, globally used standard for the identification of books and related products.

When to request an ISBN?

You can request an ISBN when Hasselt University is the publisher of your work, as in the case of doctoral theses, reports and papers.
The ISBN is not obligatory, but highly recommended when you whish to distribute your publication via various retail chains.

How to request an ISBN?

Download the request form (doc) (Dutch) and send it to the Library.
The library will then request an ISBN at the Boekenbank and communicates it to you on reception. You will need to ensure that this ISBN is printed in the book.


You can find the current prices of an ISBN request at the website of the Boekenbank (Dutch). Please note that Hasselt University is neither a member of GAU, GEWU or Meta4Books.

Legal deposit number

After you have requested an ISBN, you have to contact Patrick Carmans for deposit of your publication in the Royal Library of Belgium.