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Who does what?

The purchasing policy is stipulated by the faculties. They determine which publications need to and do not need to be purchased, within the scope of their educational and research activities.

The university library is responsible for issuing and following up orders, cataloguing publications and reviewing invoices.

The library objective is to register all books and ultimately place them in the library, for all (students, members of staff and emeriti) to use. An extensive lending period is possible for books that are very frequently used by an (academic) member of staff and are stored in the office or on faculty.

Order form

Members of staff/emeriti who still work at the university who wish to order one or more books, can use FintrA.

While filling in the request order, choose "BIB-UHASLT" as (internal) supplier, mention the correct budget owner and let the financial cell handle the order. Do not forget to mention the title and the ISBN-number of the wanted publications. You can also explicitly ask the university library to place a rush order (delivery within a few days).
After the request order is approved, the financial cell will send the order to the library, who is responsible for further processing and of course keeps the applicant informed.

The detailed procedure (including screenshots) is described in the following tutorial (pdf). Contact An Baeten (tel. 011/26.81.27) for more information.