Subscription to French legal database Lexis 360

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Since January 12, 2021, Hasselt University has a subscription to the French legal database Lexis 360.

This database offers access to French legislation, French case law decisions and French jurisprudence (among others: +60 JurisClasseur encyclopaedias, +35 legal journals, +50 Codes, etc.).

Please note that access to this resource is dual authenticated. You must be on the IP range of Hasselt University (so work off campus through VPN or via the proxy-link on the library website) AND you need a personal username and password, which you create yourself. 
Instructions to create a personal username and password:
- On the Lexis 360 homepage, click on the button "Se connecter".
- On the right side of the page under "Première visite?", click on the button "Créer votre compte".
- Follow the instructions to create your personal username and password. NB: when asked to input your email address, this MUST be your UHasselt email address.
- On second and subsequent visits, simply input your username and password.