News: Central support for selected ELNs

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Believing in FAIRy tales: Reusable data with ELNs -  Happily ever afterAt Hasselt University, there is a growing demand for Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELNs). An ELN is a digital equivalent of the paper laboratory notebooks to document your data. Inspired by this growing demand, we started testing a number of ELNs (within the enormous variety of ELNs) in view of selecting a few ELNs that will be supported centrally. As a result of this testing, the purchase and service provision of the following three ELNs was approved by the Research Council: Signals Notebook Standard, ELabFTW and Open Science Framework (OSF). In addition, the Electronic Data Capture tool Castor was incorporated in this agreement. More information.


Believing in FAIRy tales
Reusable data with ELNs -  Happily ever after