New increased opening hours and access control in Campus library Diepenbeek

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After a consultation with StuRa, Campus library Diepenbeek will be changing and increasing its opening hours in June. First of all, the library opens earlier each weekday morning (at 8.30am in stead of 8.45am). Secondly, the library will be open on Friday evening until 22.00pm (as it is on other weekdays). The first action is a definite change; the second action is a test in June to see whether this offer on Friday evening is successful.
Also during resits in August, Hasselt University Library will maximize its opening hours. On August, 17 2015 the library ends her holiday schedule and returns to her normal schedule.

Attention! Because of capacity problems at Campus library Diepenbeek, the study areas in this library will be reserved for UHasselt students and staff. During June you will need to place a valid student or staff ID on the desk. Anyone who cannot legitimate him/herself will be asked to leave. The library staff will check up on this regularly.