Muscle Premium, a comprehensive 3D atlas of the muscles

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In addition to our subscription to the Acland’s Video Atlas of Human Anatomy and the Human Anatomy Atlas, Hasselt University Library now bought Muscle Premium.

Muscle Premium contains 3D models of the musculoskeletal system where users can remove and isolate structures. For each muscle, the movement related to the muscle is shown and it also contains 3D models of the common pathologies which physiotherapists are typically working with. Muscle Premium also includes short video’s made by known physiotherapists where they explain the biomechanics of the body and how pathologies occur in the human body.

Watch a 2-minute video that guides you through the user interface and a 1-minute video that explains how you can use the tools in the app.

Muscle Premium can be used on-campus as well as off-campus. Attention: if you are using this module for the first time, it may take a few minutes to load due to the robust graphical content!

There is an interesting app as well. Check for more information.