Institutional subscription to Trends Top

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Since April 2019 Hasselt University has an institutional subscription to Trends Top.

Trends Top is an online platform with up-to-date company information and with advanced web tools for financial analysis, targeted prospection, geomarketing and sales management. Trends Top publishes information on 1.3 million active Belgian companies and relies on official sources, such as the annual accounts provided by the National Bank of Belgium, the Belgian Official Journal and the Central Enterprise Databank (KBO). In addition, Trends Top tries to complete these official data with high-quality information not available at these sources, e.g. the turnover of smaller companies that are not required to submit accounts, contacts for different departments, (personal) e-mail addresses, import and export countries, B2B or B2C character, etc.

The platform is on as well as off campus available through the following URL: Attention: access is limited to 10 simultaneous sessions.