Extra study areas in Hasselt

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The Hasselt youth service has contacted several organizations who open their doors for students. You can study in Villa Basta, PXL-Music, Muziekodroom, Het Stadsmus, Hostel H, Het Regenbooghuis and the Heilig-Hartkerk. All locations are fully equipped with tables, chairs, electricity and wifi (not in the Heilig-Hartkerk). Every week, each location provides a fun activity, eg. Villa Basta organises "the shortest party ever", there is a jamcaravan and the Bandit Cold Brew Crew introduces you to their homemade cold coffees.

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For further questions and/or comments you can contact Jeroen Sels: jeroen.sels@hasselt.be or 011 23 94 47.

Adresses study locations:

Villa Basta
Schipperstraat 13
3500 Hasselt

Bootstraat 9
3500 Hasselt

Bootstraat 11
3500 Hasselt

Het Stadsmus
Guido Gezellestraat 2
3500 Hasselt

Hostel H
Spoorwegstraat 80
3500 Hasselt

3500 Hasselt

Het Regenbooghuis
Meldertstraat 38
3500 Hasselt