Easy access to journal articles with LibKey Nomad!

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Hasselt University Library has a subscription to LibKey Nomad, a Chrome browser extension for fast, one-click access to subscribed and open access articles anytime, anywhere (i.e. on publisher websites, PubMed, etc.).

LibKey Nomad helps with access in three ways:

  1. It displays a badge to download a PDF when it detects one is available.
  2. It works everywhere, so if you are off-campus you can see if the Library provides access to an article (cf. you will be automatically routed through the UH-proxy server to authenticate as an authorized user).
  3. It identifies other options (open access alternatives, other databases, etc.) if access is not available at the publisher.

Try it out! LibKey Nomad is very user-friendly and easy to install! Go to the Chrome Web Store and add the extension to your Chrome browser. After installation, LibKey Nomad prompts you to select your subscribing institution (Hasselt University). After that, it simply automatically scans for scholarly content wherever you may roam.

What about privacy?
Unlike some other browser extensions, no UH-login details are stored in your browser, it does not require you to create a personal account and it does not track your usage.

The LibKey Nomad browser extension is currently only available for Chrome (and not for other browsers such as Safari, Firefox or Edge). The extension also focuses exclusively on access to journal articles; access to books and/or book chapters are not included in the scope.