A collaboration with BHL, Maastricht University and KU Leuven

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To provide our students and staff with the most extensive collection possible, access to a network of libraries was made available to them. An overview:

A collaboration with Library Hasselt Limburg

Hasselt University students and staff are automatically member of the Library Hasselt Limburg (cf. the former Provincial Library Limburg). In October, every new student gets a free reader card. As long as you are connected to Hasselt University, this reader card will be automatically renewed each year.

With this BHL reader card you are also a member of all libraries that are connected to Bibliotheeknet Limburg.

A collaboration with Maastricht University

Hasselt University students and staff can also obtain free reader cards for Maastricht University Library by presenting their student or staff cards.

For Law faculty students (bachelors, masters, PhD students) and students of Biomedical Sciences (masters and PhD students) there's is a special arrangement: at the start of their first academic year these students will receive a visitors card for the Maastricht University Library as well as an UM-account to get access to their electronic sources, even from home. The UM-card and the UM-account remain valid as long as these students are connected to Hasselt University (i.e. they are automatically renewed).

More information about the UM-card can be found on https://www.maastrichtuniversity.nl/nl/file/3484/download?token=QMtrRyRl (pdf). In case of problems with your UM-account, it is best to contact the ICTS-servicedesk of Maastricht University (Servicedesk-ICTS@maastrichtuniversity.nl or 0031 (0)43 388 5555). In order to reset your UM-account, you will need to add a copy of your identity card.

A collaboration with KU Leuven

Students/Staff of the Faculty of Engineering Science are also students/staff of the KU Leuven. As a result, they have access to all the libraries of KU Leuven as well as to all their electronic subscriptions.

Law faculty students don't have off campus access to the e-sources of KU Leuven. However, they can always visit the KU Leuven Law Library and consult these databases on campus. If you want to visit this library, please keep in mind that you need to register once in advance in order to make use of the print, copy, scan, computer and internet facilities as an external user. Visit their registration page to do so. This KU Leuven account gives you your own b-number (username) and a password. More info: https://bib.kuleuven.be/english/rbib/access-and-use/access-and-registration.