Automatic BHL-membership for UHasselt students and members of staff

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Through an arrangement with the 'Bibliotheek Hasselt Limburg' (BHL), Hasselt University students and staff are automatically a member of this library and get free reader cards. 

New students and new members of staff, who are not yet a member, will receive their reader card in their postbox. Foreign students - with no home address in Belgium, the Netherlands or Germany - can pick up their reader card at the desk in Campus library Diepenbeek. The BHL-membership of all other students and staff is just extended until 31 October 2021.

FYI: You find the Library Hasselt Limburg in the centre of Hasselt (Martelarenlaan 17), close to the Faculty of Law. It is by far the biggest public library of Limburg. More information about the collection can be found on their website.