Access to additional Kluwer databases

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Our online law library is once again expanding. We already had access to the Kluwer Digital Book Platform, but now Kluwer has expanded that access even further with the Kluwer Competition Law database and the Kluwer International Tax Law database.

The Kluwer Competition Law database is an online resource on EU and international competition law. The database has been organised into the specific competition law topics of: antitrust, mergers, cartels and state aid. Each topic consists of an overview, legislation and notices, Commission and Court Decisions and Analytical Materials, taken from KLI publications and explaining the reasoning behind the decisions and their implications. For a list of available e-books and e-journals on the site, you can consult the Books and Journals tab.

The Kluwer International Tax Law database is a research platform for tax professionals leveraging international content and practical tools providing answers. The platform consists of several modules, providing knowledge on cross-border Tax topics: Expert Tax Treaty Analysis, Permanent Establishments, Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) & Transfer Pricing, Intertax/EC Tax, VAT, Tax Planning and Trusts, Real Estate Investment Trusts, Expatriation, Tax and Financial Accounting.

In September 2021 an info session will be organized about both new databases. If you are interested to join this session, please contact Pieter Lernout (