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Background and partner associations

The Limburg Law Library (RBL) is the result of a collaboration between the Federal Public Service for Justice, the Limburg Bar Association and Hasselt University.

The library collections of the various courts of justice (Labour Court, Labour Tribunal, Commercial Court, State Council Police Court, Court of First Instance and Justice of the Peace First Canton) and the law collection of Hasselt University were consolidated into the Limburg Law Library and housed at the new Court of Justice at Hasselt station. As a result of this collaboration a solid collection was formed, used by UHasselt researchers and students as well as judges and staff members of the courts and members of the bar. In that respect the Limburg Law Library provides a (unique) balance between research and practise.

To provide our students with the most extensive collection possible, access to a network of libraries was also made available to them.

An important partner in the collaboration is the Library Hasselt Limburg - the former Provincial Library Limburg - with a primary law collection available for consultation in their catalogue that focusses mainly on bachelor students. UHasselt students are automatically member of this library. Students already member of the BHL received an automatic renewal of their card.

Law faculty students may also visit the KU Leuven and Maastricht University libraries. These collections mainly apply to master students.