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Background and partner associations

A collaboration with the legal partners in Limburg
A collaboration with Maastricht University
A collaboration with KU Leuven
A collaboration with Library Hasselt Limburg

A collaboration with the legal partners in Limburg

Law Library Limburg (RBL), housed at the Court of Justice near Hasselt station, results from a collaboration between Hasselt University, the Federal Public Service for Justice, the Limburg Bar Association, the Notaries and the Bailiffs. 

Thanks to this unique collaboration at the intersection of research, education and practice, Law Library Limburg can offer its visitors an extensive and up-to-date collection, both digitally and on paper.

Law Library Limburg is led by a Steering Committee that consists of three members of Hasselt University and three members of the Federal Public Service for Justice. In turn, this Steering Committee is accountable to a Library Committee in which all the above partners are represented and in which mutual cooperation is central.

Tony Heeren, who played a pioneering role in the establishment of the LLL, was appointed Honorary President of the Law Library Limburg after his retirement at the end of August 2019.

A collaboration with Maastricht University

At the beginning of their (first) academic year, UHasselt law students (bachelors, masters, PhD students) will receive by email their UM student number + password, to consult the e-sources to which UMaastricht subscribes. The UM login data will remain valid as long as the students are affiliated with Hasselt University. In case of problems with the UM login details: contact or 0031(0)43 388 5555.

Students who want physical access to the library of Maastricht University can request a UM library card via accompanied by their date of birth and a passport photo. Tip: a passport photo can always be found in the UHasselt student file - via E-id.

Some background information:

Maastricht University and Hasselt University have a long tradition of academic cooperation. This intense cooperation has even received a legal form through the establishment of the ''Transnational University Limburg'' (tUL). Hasselt University and tUL are considered by the Flemish government as one and the same academic institution that received the legal recognition to organize courses within different fields of study. The joint Law Degree programme - also recognised by the Flemish government - is a good example of this. Besides Hasselt University and Maastricht University, the Catholic University of Leuven is also a partner.

The law programme is effectively conceived and presented as a three-partner programme, to which each partner contributes in terms of personnel, resources and content. The students of this programme should therefore not only be considered students of Hasselt University, but also of Maastricht University and KU Leuven. This is evidenced, among other things, by the fact that all three institutions are represented on the diplomas awarded upon completion of the programs.

It is therefore self-evident that students from the joint Law Degree programme will have reciprocal access to the libraries in addition to a student account from Maastricht University. This is based on a long-standing agreement between the three partners and is considered a fundamental pillar of their cooperation in the context of this programme.


A collaboration with KU Leuven

Since KU Leuven is a partner in the joint Law Degree programme, UHasselt law students can freely visit KUL Law Library. To make visiting this law library run smoothly, it is advisable to register in advance (one-time) via You will then receive a b-number (together with your own password) and when you visit the library this b-number will be linked to the KUL library card. With this b-number (and password) you can log in on the wifi-network "Campusroam" each time you visit the library. This b-number can also be used to log into the Limo catalogue.

Attention, to avoid misunderstandings: UHasselt law faculty students do not have off-campus access to the e-sources of KU Leuven. If they want access to the electronic subscriptions of KU Leuven, they must go to the KUL Law Library.

A collaboration with Library Hasselt Limburg

Staff members and students of the law faculty are automatically members of the Library Hasselt Limburg. In the course of October, every new member will receive a free library card. Memberships are renewed automatically.