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You can study quietly

Many students use the library as a place to study. We expect everyone to respect the library's peace and quiet. Due to the corona measures, the number of seats in the library is still limited. 

You can make use of PCs and/or browse the UHasselt network on your laptop/tablet

Visitors can make free use of the desktops at hand in the library. Hasselt University students, members of staff and emeriti can also log in on the UHasselt wireless network. External readers can ask a wifi guest account via; this account is available for 24 hours.

You can print, copy and scan

Two photocopiers are available: one for Federal Public Service for Justice staff and one that operates on the so-called PingPing payment system. Anyhow, all library visitors are able to copy.

Loan / Renew / Reserve

One-day and overnight loans

Borrowing is limited and only available to Hasselt University students, members of staff and emeriti, and to members of the Federal Public Service for Justice.

A distinction is made between two different kinds of loans:

  • overnight loans: borrow from one hour before closing time until one hour after opening time the next opening day.
  • one-day loans: borrow for 24 hours (1 day)

- UHasselt students: overnight loans
- UHasselt members of staff and emeriti: one-day loans
- Association students and students from other institutions: no loans
- Association members of staff: no loans
- Judicial Courts and Tribunals Hasselt: one-day loans
- Bar Limburg: no loans
- Notaries and bailiffs: no loans
- External readers: no loans
- Alumni: no loans

Interlibrary loan

Items that are not available in the library or cannot be accessed electronically can be requested at another library (though various law libraries do not wish to offer their books via the 'ILL' system). More information on procedure and rates.
Attention: the Law library Limburg does not accept individual requests that non-members submit via email, fax or phone. Each request must be submitted through an official 'ILL'-request.