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Library regulations

Library Regulations Campus library Diepenbeek (dutch version) (pdf)

Become a member

Students, university staff and emeriti are automatically members. Their student and staff cards serve as library cards.

Members of the association can become member by presenting their student or staff cards.

External readers can become members for € 20,00/year or € 3,00/day. In exchange they get access to two locations (Campus Library Diepenbeek and Law Library Limburg). Attention: because demand often exceeds supply, work and study areas in the library are reserved for Hasselt University students (and members of the association).


The library is used both as a study and research area. As such we expect our visitors to respect the silence.
For working in groups, Campus library Diepenbeek provides 10 group work rooms: 6 open group work rooms (which are freely accessible) and 4 closed group work rooms. The open group work rooms have 6 seats; the closed group work rooms 8. In the group work area quiet conversation is allowed.

Eat and drink

Eating and drinking in the library is prohibited. Only small bottles of water are allowed.


All bags and purses must be stored in the designated lockers.