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Collaboration with other libraries

In order to offer our students and staff members the widest possible range of (electronic) literature, UHasselt Library collaborates with Hasselt Library Limburg, Maastricht University and KU Leuven. Below is an overview:

A collaboration with Library Hasselt Limburg

Staff members and students of UHasselt are automatically members of the Hasselt Library Limburg. In the course of October, every new member will receive a free library card. Memberships are renewed automatically. 
Hasselt Library Limburg offers a basic law collection, mainly aimed at bachelor students. It also provides an extensive study platform.

A collaboration with Maastricht University

Law students (bachelors, masters, PhD students) and Biomedical Sciences students (masters, PhD students) will receive by email their UM student number + password, to consult the e-sources to which UMaastricht subscribes, at the beginning of their (first) academic year. The UM login data will remain valid as long as the students are affiliated with Hasselt University.
In case of problems with the UM login details: contact or 0031(0)43 388 5555.

Students who want physical access to the library of Maastricht University can request a UM library card via accompanied by their date of birth and a passport photo. Tip: a passport photo can always be found in the UHasselt student file - via E-id.

A collaboration with KU Leuven

Students/staff of the faculty of Industrial Engineering are also students/staff of KU Leuven. Therefore, they have physical access to all libraries of KU Leuven as well as on and off-campus access - via their KUL login data -  to all their electronic subscriptions.

Law faculty students do not have off-campus access to the e-sources of KU Leuven. However, they can always visit KUL Law Library and consult these databases on campus. To make visiting this law library run smoothly, it is advisable to register in advance (one-time) via You will then receive a b-number (together with your own password) and when you visit the library this b-number will be linked to the KUL library card. With this b-number (and password) you can log in on the wifi-network "Campusroam" each time you visit the library. This b-number can also be used to log into the Limo catalogue.