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University library 

Campus Diepenbeek, Agoralaan - Gebouw D
B - 3590 Diepenbeek

Opening hours

Monday-Friday: 9 am-4 pm (by appointment only)
Saturday-Sunday: closed
more info / during holidays


You can study quietly

Many students use the library as a place to study. We expect everyone to respect the library's peace and quiet.
Because demand often exceeds supply, work and study areas in the library are reserved for Hasselt University students (and members of the association).

You can do group work

UHasselt students have the possibility to use 10 rooms for group work: 6 open group work rooms (which are freely accessible) and 4 closed group work rooms (which need to be booked). Quiet conversation is allowed in these areas. The closed group work rooms can be booked via the following web page:

You can print, copy and scan

Students, members of staff and emeriti can print, copy and scan using their student or staff card (cf. provide your card with the required balance via PingPing!). 
External readers (without library card) are currently not able to use these facilities.

You can make use of PCs and/or browse the UHasselt network on your laptop/tablet

Visitors can make free use of the desktops at hand in the library. You can also log in with your own device on the UHasselt wireless network. External readers can ask a wifi guest account via; this account is available for 24 hours.
In the reading rooms of the university library the Eduroam network is also accessible. Eduroam is an international collaboration between educational institutes and enables students, members of staff and emeriti of the associated institutes to register at another associated institute using their own user names and passwords. All Flemish universities are associated to Eduroam. On the Eduroam website a full overview of member universities and university colleges can be found.

Loan / Renew / Reserve


Students and external readers may borrow four books per visit, for a period of four weeks.
Members of staff and emeriti at Hasselt University may borrow more than four books and enjoy a long-term loan allowance (i.e. until September 15).
At My library you can always check which books you have borrowed.


Readers are required to timely return their books at the library desk. Those who are late will be excluded from our loan services for two weeks. After the third reminder the borrower will receive an invoice for reminder charges and an invoice for the replacement of the books on loan.


Loans can be renewed (if no reservations have been made). Students, members of staff and emeriti can renew online (twice) at My library.  External readers are required to come by the library desk with their books.


Items on loan can be reserved at My library.
Items that are borrowed long-term (to members of staff or emeriti) must be returned as soon as possible when reserved by another reader.

Interlibrary loan

Items that are not available in the library or cannot be accessed electronically can be requested at another library. More information on procedure and rates.