Module 3 - How to find the required information

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6. Summary

Locate publications with UHasselt Discovery Service

  • A basic and an advanced search screen are both available. By default, the search results are displayed by their relevance.
  • When showing the search results, UHasselt Discovery Service will immediately verify if an electronic or paper copy of the publications found is available. The main options are:
    • The electronic version is full text available to Hasselt University
      By clicking the links Full Text Online or Available Online you can directly go to the electronic copy of this publication.
    • The paper version is available at Hasselt University Library
      You get the library call number out of the UHasselt library catalogue but also the location where you can find the publication (for example Campus Diepenbeek - Leeszaal). By clicking on the call number, you directly jump towards the library catalogue and you can immediately check whether the print publication is available. 
    • Neither the electronic version nor the paper version is available to Hasselt University, but the publication can be requested from another library via 'ILL'.
      Via the link Citation Online registered UHasselt members of staff can submit a digital form to request the required document at another library through the interlibrary loan service. Students can only submit a request at the library desk. 

Locate e-Journals and e-books with the A-to-Z list

  • In the A-to-Z list you will find an overview of all e-journals and e-books Hasselt University has full text access to.
  • There are seperate tabs for e-journals and e-books, but is it also possible to search both collections at the same time.
  • Every publication contains at least one link to the electronic version.
  • Which volumes may be accessed and whether or not an embargo is in place, is also mentioned for each e-journal.

Locate books and journals in the Anet library catalogue

  • You can choose between the options "Quick search", "Simple search" and "Advanced search".
  • Only search results in bold are in the Hasselt University library collection!
  • The screen with full title description clearly indicates in which library(ies) that particular book or journal is held and what the exact call number is. The main options are:
    • An electronic version is available
      The link to the electronic version is shown.
    • A paper version is available at Hasselt University.
      The exact call number is shown.
    • No paper version is available at Hasselt University.
      Through the ILL button registered UHasselt members of staff can submit a digital form to request the required document at another library. Students can only submit a request at the library desk.

Locate journal articles in separate databases

  • The library range is wider than UHasselt Discovery Service, the A-to-Z list and the Anet catalogue only. You should also be able to execute search queries in the various databases Hasselt University is subscribed to (and especially those databases that are not searched by Discovery Service).
  • Most databases work with so-called link resolvers, that provide a direct link to the electronic version (when available to Hasselt University) at the bibliographic reference found.

Locate UHasselt publications in the Document Server@UHasselt

  • This database provides an overview of scientific publications by Hasselt University researchers, research groups and institutes.
  • In addition to research publications, including as many full text documents as possible, this database also contains the university's dissertations and doctorates.