Module 3 - How to find the required information

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3.4 Extra options in the Anet catalogue

My library

You can sign in to the Anet catalogue with a UHasselt account. By signing in, you get access to a personal account and you can:

  • get an overview of your borrowed and/or reserved items;
  • renew a book on loan;
  • set up one or more alerts (see module 4);
  • order a book or document through the interlibrary loan service (for registered UHasselt members of staff only).

Search trees

If you are less familiar with how to unlock the catalogue by subject, you could use a number of search trees. Search trees guide you through a complex of keywords and always go from general to more specific. 

Search history

The search history provides an overview of your previous search queries. By clicking on a search query, that query is performed again. A maximum of 25 search queries are registered.

Save list

If you wish to save the titles of the obtained search result list, click the Save all key or the Save selection key. All (or all selected) titles in the list will be saved in a (temporary) Save list. That list can then be edited, printed or sent by email.