Module 3 - How to find the required information

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3.3 View search results

Depending on your search query, a screen with index terms will appear first, or directly a screen with a brief overview of the records found. From here you can left-click to go to a window with the full bibliographic description of a title.

  • Screen with index terms
    • You have the option to select your search term from an index. The search term that meets the entered term best is ranked at the top. However, you could also find related terms or other spellings.
  • Screen with a brief overview of the records found
    • This screen displays the search results as a list of short title descriptions. Click on the title to view the full description (including availability) of a record.
    • Note: only search results in bold are in the Hasselt University library collection!
  • Screen with full title description
    • This screen contains all publication data of a book or journal: title, author, publisher, series, ISBN or ISSN, keywords, information on the location of the work, etc.