Module 6 - How to use the information found?

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1.6 How often do I reference my sources of information?

When you are repeatedly using the same scientific publication as a source of information for a certain part of your paper, it is not sufficient to only reference it once at the beginning. On the other hand, it is a hopeless task to add a very similar reference after practically every sentence. In other words, finding the right balance between the amount of references to that basic publication is key.

Example: for a chapter on the life of empress Zenobia of Palmyra you use a lot of information from below articles:

  • Kelly, S.E. (2004). Zenobia, Queen of Palmyra. Notable Acquisitions at The Art Institute of Chicago, (30), 8-94.

Too limited (per chapter) -->   I only reference this article once, i.e. one overall reference at my chapter title at the top.
The right balance (per paragraph) -->  I reference per paragraph or logical section to the exact passage in this article.
Too often (per sentence) --> I reference after each sentence to the exact passage in this article.