Module 3 - How to find the required information

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1.5.2 Refine the list of search results

The list of search results can be adequately refined by using the search filters in the left menu wisely.

The main filters are located at the top left at 'Refine your search': 

  • Full Text Online: limit the search results to online publications.
  • Peer-Reviewed: limit the search results to publications from peer-reviewed scientific journals; these are journals publishing only articles that have been (positively) reviewed by experts and are therefore very reliable. 
  • Open Access: limit the search results to display only open access content (freely available to everyone).
  • Library Catalog UHasselt | RBL: limit the search results to books and journals in the Hasselt University library catalog.
  • Physical Books in Library Catalog: limit search results to paper books from the UHasselt library catalog.
  • eBook Full Text Online: limit search results to eBooks.
  • Add results beyond your library's collection: by default the search results are automatically limited to publications available to UHasselt users; by ticking this box you can expand your search to records beyond the library's collection.

Below you will find several additional search filters. The options are adjusted to the search results: 

  • Content Type: filter on the type of material (magazines, academic journals, electronic resources, books, etc.);
  • Discipline: filter on discipline;
  • Publication date: select a date range;
  • Subject terms: filter on subject term (Note: not all records have subject terms and you may possibly filter out relevant records unintentionally);
  • Language: filter on the source language of the publication;
  • Library location: filter on location, f.e. UHasselt - Bibliotheek Campus Diepenbeek.