Module 3 - How to find the required information

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1.1 What is UHasselt Discovery Service?

The central search interface that allows UHasselt researchers and students to search various scientific sources of information at the same time with a single search query. The main ones are: 

The immense benefit is that you are no longer required to search each database individually and that you encounter much more information with one search query.

Note: UHasselt Discovery Service is not the ultimate repository for all scientific information. A considerable range of scientific sources of information can indeed be enquired at the same time with a single search query, but not all. Following (scientific) databases, for example, cannot be consulted through UHasselt Discovery Service: TaxWin ExpertGoPress AcademicMyNBN, the Buildwise (formerly: WTCB) publications, most legal databases (JuraStrada lexJurisquaremonKEY), etc.