How can I export my UHasselt publications to FWO?

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In cooperation with the Flemish universities, the Research Foundation Flanders (Fonds Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek, FWO) developed an online tool to automatically upload your publications into the e-loket of FWO

Working method

Navigate to your academic bibliography on the UHasselt website (via 'who is who', enter your name and click on 'Publications').
In your academic bibliography, select the FWO option.


Next, select all the publications you want to include in your profile in the FWO e-loket checking the selection boxes next to each publication you wish to export. If you want to select all publications, click on “Show all” and check the selection box next to “Issue Date”.
Next, click on the “Export” button next to the FWO selection button.
A new document will open (document name: file-modsfwo.xml). Save this document (temporarily) on your computer.

Navigate to the FWO e-loket and log in.

On the page ‘publications’ (in menu 'Edit your personal details' or 'Edit profile') in the e-loket, you choose ‘import bibliographic reference(s)’.
Choose the .xml file you just saved and click on 'upload'.
Your publications are now saved in your profile of the e-loket. When you go back to your publication page in the e-loket, you will find an overview of the added publications.

! Note that only publications with the FWO publication types A1 till C1 (corresponding with the UHasselt publications categories A1 to C1) can be uploaded using this application. Publications with all other FWO categories (C2 till C4) have to be added manually. You can also select all the publications of your academic bibliography. Publications with FWO categories C2, C3 and C4 won't be saved in your FWO e-loket.

Publication categories
The UHasselt publication categories (used in your academic bibliography) will automatically be converted in the application to the categories used by FWO.

You can constantly add publications in the e-loket. When you accidentally add a publication that was already included, you can easily remove the double. Publications will never be overwritten. 

When you are associated to two or more Flemish universities, you can import the publications of all institutions.  

The module automatically adds the impact factor.

More information?
Contact the UHasselt University Library: Eline Schoeters ( or Hilde Cleeren (