Alerting service

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Many databases and catalogues are updated on a daily basis. Setting up alerts carefully avoids having to check regularly if new publications on your subject have been published. You will then receive automatic emails to keep you updated on new information available in existing library sources: new books in the university library, tables of contents of new journal issues, additional references in the databases or article citations.

Setting up alerts for new books in the library collection

The library offers automatic alerts for new titles added to the collection.

Selecting these titles is done by means of profile. You can subscribe to existing profiles or have a customized profile created for you. For these profiles your area of interest is described by subject, author, search term, title words, etc. It is possible to subscribe to several profiles.

New titles are sent by email. To be able to use this service, you must be a university library member. This personal service can be found at My library (cf.  link ‘Alerting').

Setting up database alerts

A growing number of databases offer a personalized environment, amongst others for setting up alerts for brand new publications. A distinction between 3 kinds of alerts is made:

  • TOC alerts: alerts for new journal issues;
  • Search alerts: alerts for new records that meet your previously entered search terms;
  • Citation alerts: alerts for one specific article, to inform you when that article receives a new citation (cf. this kind of alert can only be set up in citation databases, such as Web of Science or Google Scholar).

More information on this topic can be found in module 4 of the information literacy course.